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Gold and Platinum Solitaire Diamond Ring Settings and Mountings 

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Prong solitaire settings are the most common type of diamond ring settings. They are very popular for ladies solitaire rings. It involves fitting the diamond in a metal head or basket and securing it with a minimum of three prongs. The shape of the prongs can vary. They may be rounded, elongated or pointed. Solitaire settings allow more of the stone to be viewed than most other styles. Also it is quicker and less expensive to set than most other styles. Solitaire settings can hold large diamonds securely especially if they have 6 prong. The diamonds in solitaire mountings are more easily cleaned than in other styles. Solitaire mountings can be used to set any style of gemstone, no matter how fragile it is. Some disadvantages of solitaire prong setting are that they do not provide as smooth of a ring surface as some of the other styles. Sometimes the prongs have tendency to get caught in clothing and hair, especially if the setting is high. Prong setting doesn't protect the diamond as well as other styles since it leaves most of the girdle area exposed. For more please check out the rest of Natalia's jewelry
RS-001 - Six Prong Solitaire Mounting
Six Prong Solitaire Mounting 6 prong style mounting with comfortable 14 karat white gold shank.
RS-002 - Four Prong Classic Setting
Four Prong Classic Setting 14kt White Gold Solitaire Engagement Mounting with 4 Prong Head.
RS-894 - Criss-cross Diamond Mount
Criss-cross Diamond Mount Open shank criss-cross semi-mount encrusted with 0.64ct of glittering pave diamonds on 14kt white gold shank.
RS-893 - Micropave Engagement Rings
Micropave Engagement Rings Elegant bridal set with 0.71ct near colorless diamonds set along the 18 karat white gold semi-mount.
RS-895 - Micro Pave Ring Mounting
Micro Pave Ring Mounting 1.25ct diamond encrusted micro-pave mounting made of 18kt white gold hand crafted to perfection.
RS-018 - Contour Diamond Solitaire
Contour Diamond Solitaire Solid 14 karat gold diamond solitaire contour ring setting available in all sizes in 18ky white and yellow gold and in platinum.
RS-019 - Tapered Cathedral Setting
Tapered Cathedral Setting Comfort fit solid 14k gold solitaire diamond ring setting with tapered cathedral like sites. Available in platinum and all flavours of gold.
RS-020 - Rounded Cathedral Top Ring
Rounded Cathedral Top Ring 14 karat white gold solitaire mounting with smooth curved shape and comfortable fit.
RS-021 - Solitaire Ring Setting
Solitaire Ring Setting Tiffanys inspired mounting for round diamonds crafted in lustrous 14kt white gold.
RS-022 - Princess Cut Setting
Princess Cut Setting Square Shape Setting for a Princess, Emerald & other rectangular cut stones made of 14kt white or yellow gold or platinum. Makes a perfect engagement ring with a center stone over 1 carat.
RS-023 - Knife Edge Ring Mounting
Knife Edge Ring Mounting Solid knife edge shank of this 14kt white gold mounting is what separates this ring from the rest. Available in yellow and white gold and platinum for any shape of the center diamond.
RS-024 - Heart Shape Diamond Setting
Heart Shape Diamond Setting This five prong setting, ideal for a heart shape diamond, makes a lovely aniversary ring for your loved one. Available in gold and platinum for all diamond sizes.
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